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My Story

Hi, I’m Rudy!

“This is the magical story of a kid born with a pencil in his hands, a kid who always knew he wanted to be an artist, a kid…”

Ehrm, nah… stop it…seriously!
That wasn’t me!

Mine is another story…


It’s the story of a kid who would fall in love, everyday, with emotions, amazing stories and unforgettable characters.
This kid knew that he wanted to do something with all that magic but… he didn’t know much more than that…

At 23, the kid (maybe adult? Nah…) discovers that the magic he was after had a name: it was called art.
He discovers how art creates raw emotions.
He explores theatre in Italy while working as a graphic designer.
He discovers the craft of 3D!
He meets the tremendous energy and expression of sculpture at the Art Academy in London.
The kid finds his bliss. At 27!

The kid is 32 now and can connect the dots.
The kid is now blessed with a career as a Character Artist in the games and movie industry.
The kid continues to share the magical worlds he grew up with.

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